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National Museum of American History
Strategic Plan 2020-2030

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Highlights Report 2022
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Highlights Report 2021
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Highlights Report 2020
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Highlights Report 2019
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Highlights Report 2018
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Highlights Report 2017
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Highlights Report 2016
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Highlights Report 2015
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National Museum of American History
Strategic Plan 2013-2018

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Reopening Report
The Museum reopened after a nearly two-year renovation in November 2008. View this special interactive report recapping the reopening ceremonies and reopening year programs and exhibitions.
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Blue Ribbon Commission Report
A Blue Ribbon Commission was tasked in 2001 to advise on the most timely and relevant themes and methods of presentation for the Museum in the 21st century. The Report was issued in 2002.
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Star-Spangled Banner State-of-the-Flag Report
This 2001 report details the Museum's progress in the preservation effort of the flag that inspired the National Anthem. It explains what has been discovered about the Star-Spangled Banner and how that knowledge informs decisions on how to best care for it.
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