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Council Event, 2018

We invite you to join others who share your love of American history through membership in the Smithsonian Council for American History—our most distinguished group of contributors.
Council members receive an array of exclusive membership benefits in appreciation of their generosity. In 2022, Council members will receive an invitation to join the Entertainment Nation! Meet fellow donors, celebrities, and VIPs at the star-studded opening event December 8, 2022 to celebrate the Museum's new Culture Wing featuring the new blockbuster exhibition Entertainment Nation/Nación del Espectáculo. 
Through the National Museum of American History’s extraordinary collection of theater, music, sports, movie and television objects, the exhibition Entertainment Nation will feature a powerful, ever-changing selection of objects and interactive experiences. Through the objects and their stories, the exhibition will explore how, for over 150 years, entertainment has provided a forum for important national conversations about who we are, and who we want to be. Read more here.
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Council Helps Close the Gap

Most people do not realize that donations from individuals like you enable the Museum to share its collections and programs with approximately four million visitors each year. Support from the Council is vital to sustaining our acclaimed program of exhibitions, performances, and family programs— free-of-charge, 364 days a year!

The Smithsonian Council of American History helps to fund the work of the Museum from the preservation of fragile treasures to world-class exhibitions and programs.

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